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Accounts Help

Account FAQs

How do I register for an online account?

Click "Sign In / Register". Then select “Register”. If your company is an existing customer of record (your company has a Graybar Account Number), select “YES – my company already buys from Graybar”.

What is the difference between an Individual and a Company online account?

There are two types of online accounts for Graybar’s eCommerce site: Individual and Company. These two have different features, policies and terms. The main distinction is that Company Accounts have an existing Graybar Account Number set up with their local branch. When reading these FAQs, be sure to look for the information that applies to your type of account.

Individual Accounts

  • Single login associated with all orders and payment information.
  • Payment by credit card only
  • No special shipping, catalog, pricing, or other terms.

Company Accounts

  • Have a Graybar account number. Company Accounts are existing customers of record.
  • The company’s established contract terms will apply to online purchases.
  • Can have multiple logins.
  • Additional account features include shared Favorites lists, Quick Order, Quote Orders, and the ability to back-order.
  • You must log in to the site to view company pricing and availability.
  • Punch-out service customers should refer to information in this Help section for Company Accounts.

What if I have an Individual Account, but want change to a Company Account?
Give us a call at?855-347-2839?or contact your local branch to make this change.?

I use a purchasing system. How do I find out more about Punch-out or other EDI options??
Give us a call at?855-347-2839?or contact your local branch to learn more about these special services that can connect your purchasing system directly.

How do I complete my account profile??
Sign in to your account and under “My Account” select “Account Summary”. Under “Settings” select “Customer Information”. Here, you can edit your information and change your password. Click “Save Changes”. Your User ID must be a valid email address, and cannot be changed in your account.

Need More Help??
Click “Need Help” to Live Chat with a customer service representative. Website support can also be reached at?855-347-2839?or via email at?

Address Book

Individual Account users: to access your Address Book, sign in to your account and select “Address Book” under “My Account”.

To edit and add new addresses, select the drop down and view them by nickname.

Select “Add New” to add an address. Select “Submit” or “Save Changes” to save your changes.

Tip:?Always include a nickname to identify your address. This will help you quickly identify your address. This will help you quickly identify which address you need for different projects or shipping locations.

To remove an address, click “Delete Address”.

Your default profile address will always be the one listed under your account email address. This address cannot be removed, but can be edited.

Company Accounts?do not have an address book. Instead, Company Accounts have a list of the company’s approved Ship-to addresses. Contact your local branch or give us a call to edit this list

Favorites Lists

Creating lists of favorites can be helpful for many reasons, especially if needing to purchase the same items on a regular basis.

Accessing Favorites?
To access “Favorites,” sign in to your account and select “Favorites” under the “My Account” drop-down menu.

Creating a List?
To create a “Favorites” list, select the “Create List” button and give your list a name. For Company Accounts, lists can be set as private or shared with the company. Only the creator of the list can delete it.

Uploading a List?
You may also upload a previously created list. To do so, select the “Upload List” button, select “Browse” to locate the CSV file and select “Upload.” In the event an item could not be added, it will be noted in the log once the file has finished uploading.

Pasting a List?
To create a list using the paste function, copy the list of items you wish to add, select “Paste List” and paste the items into the text box. You will be notified if an item cannot be added and must correct the list before it can be created. Choose if you’d like the list to be private or shared and click “Save.”

Managing a List?
From the “Favorites” page, you can add a list to your shopping cart, duplicate it or delete it by selecting the gear icon. Details of a list can be viewed by clicking the name of a specific list. Once a list is created, you can add and remove items, edit quantities, add the entire list to your shopping cart or select individual items to add to your cart.

Order History

The Order History page lets you view orders placed under your account and provides detailed information on order status, order date, shipment and proof of delivery.

To access the Order History page, sign in to your account and select “Order History” under “My Account”.

Once you have reached the “Order History” page, you can filter by date range, order status and order type. Select the “Search” button to see a list of orders based upon your filtering choices.

Details of each order can viewed by clicking “Customer Order #.” Select “Printable Version” to print order information or select “View Tracking & Invoices” to view delivery information.

Help for Account Holders



Check to see if an item’s in-stock quantity is available for shipment, pick up or back order, based on your ship-to address.

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To verify that your ship-to address and preferred delivery method are correct.

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Create a list of favorites in one place. This can be helpful especially if you are purchasing the same items on a regular basis.

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Forgot Password

Forgot Password

Restore your credentials in the event you cannot remember your password.

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Invoice History

Invoice History

The ability to view, print and download past invoices.

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Item Details

Item Details

Details about an item that can be viewed in several places such as product pages, SKU pages, the shopping cart and favorites lists.

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Manage User Profile

Manage User Profiles

Manage your profile to browse your account summary along with customizing your customer information and default ship-to account.

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Quick Orders

Quick Orders

A streamline way to find items within the eCatalog that might not be listed on

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Active, valid quotes can be reviewed and converted using the quote feature on

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Search for items through the products by category drop-down, filter by, or search bar.

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Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Items that can be added to your shopping cart via product pages, SKU pages, favorites and many other pages.

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Viewing Orders

Viewing Orders

The ability to view orders placed under your account while providing detailed information on order status, order date, shipment and proof of delivery.

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Will Call

Will Call Pick Up

Orders that can be placed on by selecting your preferred delivery method under “My Delivery Method.”

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Managing Users as an Administrator

Managing Users as an Administrator

The ability to add, remove and assign desired roles to their company's employees.

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Parent & Child Accounts

Parent/Child Accounts

Allowing customers to have a corporate or admin account that is able to access other divisions or organizational accounts within the company.

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Approving or Rejecting Orders

Approving and Rejecting Orders

The ability to require management approval or orders prior to them being sent to Graybar for fulfillment.

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